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463 Livingston Street
Norwood NJ 07648
United States




Full grooming includes a full body cut, bath, anal gland express(upon request), ear hair removal & cleaning and nail trim.
Bath includes bath, brushing, anal gland expression, ear hair removal & cleaning and nail trim.
Mini groom (without bath) includes sanitary cut, and shaving around eyes.
Extra Services Teeth brushing, Nail Filing, Medicated bath, Flea bath, Tick Removal, De-skunk, De-matting, Hair Coloring (pink, blue, brown, purple etc,)


Spa Services

For the most Spa Service, the hot towel body massage will be done. Most our spa line products are organic and raw ingredients.


Microbubble Bath

(please check our facilities)
The Microbubble Bath provides Eco-friendly bath / Massage, Skin moisturizing and resilience strengthening. It provides cleaning, Skin Care, Massage, Negative and Hot Spring Effect. It is an ideal bath service for an allergy skin, problematic, dry or oil skin, shedding a lot and all type of skin. Pet will be submerged for 7-12 min.

Paw Massage

Paw Massage Oil Contains Olive, lavender, sage, rosemary and vitamin E. You'll see the difference in their pads and webbing.

Hot Oil Treatment

The Hot Oil Treatment is deep penetrating conditioning treatment moisturizes coat and replenishes the hair shaft with natural oils also creates a luxurious and vivid shine.

Honey / Vanilla Sugar Scrub

The Honey/Vanilla Sugar Scrub is an exfoliating and re-moisturizing scrub that is an ideal for dry skin and calluses.

Mud Mask and Treatment

The Mud Mask is an active natural softener aromatic coat mask, developed to nourish coat roots increasing natural shine, decreasing heavy hair loss and dandruff effect. This mask gives a pet an immediate glowing result.

Dead Sea Mineral Salt

The Dead Sea Mineral Salts helps relieve muscle tension and pulls impurities from skin and coat, aids in detoxification and restore natural body hydration, for this treatment a pet will be submerged. It is infused with essential oils.

The Original Blueberry Facial or Full body

The original blueberry facial or full body is a tearless product which helps color brightens, provides relaxation, cleanses and also removes tough staining either tears or from the body.